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Nearby Attractions

・Asahi Breweries Hakata Factory

​・JRHakata City

・Marine World Uminonakamichi
Ohori Park 2.PNG

The Park of Ohhari

One lap in the park is about 2 km long, and many people enjoy jogging and walking every day.

You can also see families enjoying themselves on a duck boat on weekends.

​On a sunny day, you can spend time in such an open space that you forget you live in the city even though it is located in the center of the city.


The park of Umino-nakamichi​


A seaside park with a marine world that makes you want to go first when looking for city sightseeing with your family. The Sunshine Pool and Shikanoshima Island are within easy reach, so children can have a wonderful time.

If you have a car, access from AT HOTEL HAKATA is also excellent.

​ You can avoid the central city and head there♪

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