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We offer a plan that actually stayed and experienced

We will provide a plan that employees actually experienced. We will only select plans that have improved the inconveniences and issues that you felt when you experienced them within the extent possible.


Service Services

◆Room facilities

·Washing machine

·Bathroom Dryer

・Water heater (bathroom automatic hot water filling function)


・Electronic kettle

​・Microwave oven

・Refrigerator (2 doors)

​・TV (40 type) HDMI・USB input available

・Wi-Fi for guest rooms (with LAN plug)​​

​・air conditioner

・Triple gas stove (with grilled fish)

・6-seater dining table + chairs

・Walk-in closet

​・Triple mirror

・Guest room liquid crystal intercom​

・ Plate (2 types)

・Cutlery (forks and spoons)

・Extension tap

・Pinch hanger

・Laundry hanger

​・Clothing hanger

・Dish detergent

・Dish sponge​​

・Clothing detergent

・Softening agent for clothes

・Bathroom detergent

・Toilet detergent

・Toilet deodorant spray

・Deodorant spray for clothes

・Shampoo, conditioner

·Body soap


​・Bath towel, face towel

・2 types of tissues

​・Wet tissue

​・2 types of slippers (washable/disposable)

​ ◆Free lending equipment

·rice cooker

・Wireless iron + ironing board

・Electronic pot with heat retention function

・Humidified air purifier


・Wireless vacuum cleaner

​・Clothing pole

​ *Please note that the above items for rent are limited in quantity.

・Takemaru Bridge + Toothpick (disposable)

・Plastic cutlery (spoon, fork, knife)

·Paper plate

​・Bath cleaning sponge

​◆ Free lending equipment for children

・Child chair

·Picnic sheet



・Cups and bowls


・Cup with straw

・Baby shampoo

・Body lotion

·clothes hanger

・Heating container for baby food

・Baby bottle sterilizer

・Crib ​

・Hot plate set (3 kinds of plates) 1,000 yen

・Mixer 100 yen

・ Blender 100 yen

・Convection oven 100 yen

・Toaster ¥100

​・Room wear 200 yen

・Amazon Fire TV Stick 500 yen

​・Scalp Mise 1,000 yen

​・Room wear 200 yen

​ ◆ Cooking set buffet 1,000 yen※There is also a set plan♪

・Small pot

・Large pot

・Frying pan


・Fry return

・Spatula (for frying)




・Cutting board





・Lightweight cup

・Lightweight spoon

・Scale (weighing scale)

・Thermometer for deep-fried food

・Kitchen paper

・Saran wrap

·Aluminum foil

・Table wipes (disposable)


・Rice bowl


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