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[Japanese-Western style room]
A 4.5-tatami-mat tatami room where you can relax with your family

For families with small children,
“I want to create a space where children can play safely.”
From the thoughts of the staff
The Japanese-Western style room we have prepared for you.
When you enter the room,
The nostalgic scent of tatami mats reminds me of my parents' house in the countryside.
The Japanese-Western style room is located on the highest floor,
You can see the Kyushu Shinkansen from the veranda,
Aburayama in Fukuoka to the southwest on a clear day. Looking at Mt. Abura in the morning sun makes me want to go for a drive a little farther today♪
​10th floor | Capacity 1 to 6 people

[Family Suite]
with family, friends and loved ones

​A base for travel and business in Kyushu,
For a home party with friends,
Today, I made a special homemade dish for my boyfriend,
Your own time in this room
Have a good time.
You can also see the Kyushu Shinkansen from the 6th floor and higher floors.
Children are also having a blast♪
What the staff actually stayed and felt
It is available in each room.
We will continue to evolve based on customer feedback,
Standard room.
​2nd to 10th floor | Capacity 1 to 6 people

​Usage guide

​☆Check in Check out

・Check-in 15:00-19:30
​・Check-out 11:00

​ ☆ Parking lot

​Parking fee: 1,000 yen per night (9 cars)

​ ☆ Cancellation fee

​No contact/cancellation on the day 100% of accommodation fee

​☆Room cleaning during consecutive stays

Regarding cleaning in the room during consecutive nights, you will stay for 7 nights or more.
We will clean your room and change your linen on the date and time of your choice.
​Also, if you have a request for guests staying less than 7 nights,
Although it is charged, it is possible to change linen and clean the room.
Please do not hesitate to ask our staff if you wish to use it.


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